Our world is constantly changing, and this presents us with major challenges that we can only overcome together.


With our slogan we at SHB signal a small change with a big impact.

For almost our entire product portfolio, our customers have the option of using recycled material as a compliant raw material basis for their packaging.

You too can make your choice and let us master the forthcoming changes together.

50 – 100 ml bottles for handsanitisers!

Discover the innovativ packaging solutions for desinfectant in the size of 50 ml to 100 ml
in PP, PET or HDPE material and with snap on or 24/410 screw on closures.

From left to right:

  • GERF 100 ml PP with GEMINI II cap
  • GERF 50 ml PET & PP with GEMINI I cap
  • POMA 50 ml PP and PORF 50 ml HDPE with POLO-K cap
  • DEMA 50 ml PP with OMEGA-K cap
  • GERF 100 ml with DAHLIA-R 24/410 cap
  • GEMA 50 ml PP with GEMINI I cap
  • DARU 100 ml with DAHLIA-R 24/410 cap