Our recycling program

As the largest manufacturer of standard bottles and closures in Europe we have felt it our duty for more than 25 years to treat the environment with care and to use existing resources in a sustainable way. As a company that operates internationally, and as an ISO certified family business, we bear the responsibility of being able to bequeath to future generations a future in an environment which is still intact.
For this reason, we have always taken measures to minimise the contamination of our ecosystem through excess plastic. Our bottles are produced with particular regard to both energy savings and minimal usage of materials, and our short transport routes ensure environmentally friendly delivery.

Together with you as our customers we see the concept of sustainability as an opportunity to use our innovative strength to design new eco-friendly packaging solutions. We are working actively against the pollution of the natural environment and the world’s oceans in that we are now able to make our range available to you in recycled and bio-plastics as an option. In addition, this reduces emissions – particularly CO² emissions – by as much as 75% in the production process when compared to goods made from virgin materials.

By working with our local partners and many years of experience, we can offer you a range of recycled materials tailored to your individual needs. For the production of our bottles, roll ons, jars and closures we use recycled HDPE, PP and PET plastics. Thanks to our innovative development and special technology, in addition to bottles made from 100% rHDPE, we can also use post-consumer plastics from household packaging waste, for your cosmetic products. Closures are completely made in rPP from post-consumer plastics and bottles proportionately in 2-layer process in rHDPE from post-consumer plastics. All materials used by us comply with the legal requirements and have declarations of conformity up to food approval.

We are looking forward to opening a new chapter together with you and make a difference – in line with our mission statement:
“Think global – act local”!

Für weitere Informationen zu unseren Recyclingprodukten blättern Sie sich gerne durch unsere „Recycling-Edition“.

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